Human Rights

The protection of human beings is our first priority. Our efficient and safe practices, procedures and processes, must emphasize the prevention of accidents and injuries; this is the guide of our behavior.

This initiative allows us to identify, control and/or eliminate unsafe conditions in the workplace, establish safe work practices and obtain consistently safer behavior of our labor force towards achieving a "ZERO ACCIDENTS" goal in our lives.

SPS Risk understands the importance of respect and promotion of human rights as intrinsic to its good management practices.
It fully supports the rights of its workers, such as freedom of association, elimination of all forms of forced labor, elimination of discrimination with respect to employment and occupation, good working conditions, social protection, fair wages, social dialogue, health and safety at work, the right to live in a healthy environment, personal development specifically in the field of human rights and on the job training, equal opportunities for all and the right to reconcile the facts of life on the job with the idea of family and personal life.

It ensures that the recruitment, selection and employment of its staff is completely free of racial, cultural, religious, gender discrimination, etc. and especially those relating to people with disabilities established in the Venezuelan laws.
The environment protection system is important to our way of life. We strive to minimize the environmental impact that may occur during the execution of our daily work, by using energy efficiently, reducing waste, emissions and discharges. Compliance with the environmental regulations applicable to our job is essential, especially regarding the use of motor vehicles.
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Environmental Protection
On the job safety